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Education Institution Loan

Now, even your school can dream big! We’re here to give education a promotion with our Education Institution loan that can be utilized to enhance and develop infrastructure, services and offerings.

The crucial role education plays in building the nation cannot be undermined, in fact,
the very future of a nation stands tall on the foundation of its education system. And at Auxilo,

our humble goal is to strengthen this foundation any way we can.

We understand that dispensing education to the far corners of the country is possible only through a dense network of quality educational institutions. This aim is at the core of our endeavours, and we offer financial support through innovative financial solution delivery to a wide range of schools, colleges, universities and other organizations related to education.

At Auxilo, we understand that every entrepreneur in the education sector, as well as education institutions, face a unique and complex mix of challenges. We have a thorough understanding of this sector and firmly believe that financial hurdles should not be an impediment to the growth of education and centres for learning. Keeping these aspects in view, our financial solutions are customised and varied based on your specific needs and individual requirements.

So, whatever the need of your institution, be it expansion, renovation or working capital, we have a financial solution for it. We leave no need unfulfilled, so connect with us and allow us to understand and fulfil your educational dreams.

Being a specialist education finance company, we live and breathe education finance and are determined to raise the bar of education in the country, because, only then can the nation rise!


Our Education Institution loan, which cater to the entire education segment, are competitively priced and the repayment structures are flexible to accommodate the needs of every educational institution.

We enable progression and serve as education catalysts by providing customized loans to a wide variety of segments within the education industry. The broad categories of institutions which are our focus areas are given below.

K-12 Schools

Selecting a good school for their child’s education is a significant decision for every parent. Likewise, the environment of the school also plays a major role in the moulding of a child into a blossoming and capable young teenager. This is the reason the decision makers of schools must pay heed to constant improvements in amenities and upgrading their infrastructure.

Schools that offer CBSE, ICSE, State Board or IB curriculums with a K-12 structure can greatly benefit from the school loans we offer. Students spend a better part of over a decade in a school which means that teaching aids, technological support, structural expansion and the likes, are the need of the hour for institutions that want to impart quality education.


No matter what your requirement, we have a range of products to serve your financial needs and propel your dreams of improving the education landscape of the nation.

There is strong evidence that well-planned, high-quality educational offerings result in effective teaching, better student results and higher rates of success.

It’s one of the reasons we strive to enable quality education by providing financial assistance, right from land acquisition and construction loans to financial investments that upgrade and improve existing structures. Take a look at our products and begin your journey to providing a best-in-class education today.

Loan Against Fee Receivables

We strive to provide financial solutions to stakeholders in the education segment so that they can enhance the quality of education imparted to the students of today for a better tomorrow.

Educational institutions need investment to keep up with the rapid strides and pace of education, and this is where we step in. Supporting education is our prime focus and we want to be a part of your growth story.

We provide school loans against fee receivables, which is arrived at by analyzing past fee receipts and net of expenses by the school, so that you can accelerate the execution of your projects. We go that extra mile by offering loan for school to take care of its needs.

Infrastructure Loans

We believe that no dream is too big and no dreamer too small. If you have huge dreams of improving your educational institution’s infrastructure, we will help finance it with our convenient loans.

According to UN, India has the world's largest youth population and it’s imperative to properly educate them. Today, with high expectations from both, the students and their parents, educators are challenged to integrate innovative tools, resources and learning methodologies in the classrooms. Thus, well-planned school infrastructure is a key element in effective teaching and learning.

We pride ourselves at being experts in the field of education loans and are eager to help fund your requirements which involve the upgradation and expansion of your educational institution, equipping them for rapid growth as a result.

Construction Loans

If you are wondering how to make your education-related construction plans tangible, we have got you covered from the ground up!

Building educational institutions is a powerful approach to give children the opportunity and support that they need and deserve. Spacious buildings, well-ventilated classrooms, upgraded equipment and innovative teaching aids are a must in educational institutions.

If financial constraints are getting in the way of your educational aspirations, like constructing a new building, improving, renovating or expanding an existing architecture, you’ve come to the right place. We also personalize our loans to suit your needs and offer competitive interest rates.

Loan Refinance

You could save a lot of money by refinancing your loans with us and taking advantage of improved interest rates and reduced monthly payments.

If you already have availed an education loan with another loan provider, now is the time to take advantage of our attractive interest rates and reduce your monthly payments, thus saving a significant amount off your original loan.

We make refinancing hassle-free and straight-forward with our term loans that are flexibly structured with repayment plans that suit your institution’s needs. We also provide excellent customer service with competitive interest rates and a lot of other value added benefits.

Land Loans

When you acquire a plot of land, you can finally build the space that you envision. Our funds can help you obtain land so that you turn your educational aspirations into reality.

An educational institution is where students first understand and learn to perceive themselves and the world around them. Being closely involved in education, we know that educational institutions require serious investment of both, time and money.

So, if you are planning to open your own educational space anywhere in India, reach out to us and we will be glad to be your financial guide, every step of the way. We equip you with the know-how and the finances to buy land for institutional purposes with our land loans at attractive interest rates.


Our education growth focused loan offerings ensure you get the maximum value when you choose to finance with us.


At Auxilo, we believe financing should be simple and transparent. You are just a few steps away from making your dreams come true.


Get in touch for a detailed loan assessment. Submit the documents and processing fee cheque.


Auxilo will do the detailed technical, legal and financial due diligence of your proposed project.


Auxilo will make you an in-principle financing offer, tailor-made for your specific requirements.


Your loan gets disbursed and you are on the way to realising your education organization’s aspirations.

Our lightning fast application process is transparent and designed in an easy step-by-step manner for your convenience, eliminating any hassles and errors along the way, for a seamless experience.

Reach out to us today to get funded and ascend with Auxilo!

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