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Boarding Schools

There is no greater investment than your child's education.

Boarding Schools






1 Lakh+

Dreams Achieved


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With our education loans, we support your endeavors to construct modern classrooms, enhance current facilities, and establish other resources that enrich the student experience and foster an ideal environment for learning and personal development.

The Aux Factor

A boarding school is not only a place to learn but also home to students pursuing an education there. Apart from the learning and intellectual development, the student also undergoes rapid personality development which is a direct result of the boarding school environment. Discipline and structure stems from this environment and helps hone and shape many facets of the student’s personality. It nurtures the student and equips them to face the challenges and responsibilities of adult life.

Having said that, it is imperative for the boarding school to successfully provide these facilities to the best of their ability with a view to create a holistic, wholesome learning experience for residential students. We at Auxilo believe in bringing to life your aspirations of a state of the art boarding school. We provide loans for a wide variety of amenities, including maintenance and improvement, secure buildings, provisions for sports and extra-curricular activities, infrastructural facilities, dormitories and so on. All these and more go into creating a home away from home for the students, so they feel safe and secure in a progressive environment and help the parents in making the right choice.

Boarding School Loan

In today’s day and age, a boarding school is a major requirement for a large part of the society and hence, new boarding schools that assure comprehensive development of students are becoming increasingly important. Through our personalized loans, we help you in building state of the art classrooms, upgrade the existing facilities and develop other facilities that enhance the student experience and create a conducive environment for the student to learn and grow. From teaching equipment to infrastructure to other resources, partnering with Auxilo does not only mean excellence but also trust and reliability. We believe in you and your legacy!


Along with a dream and a thirst to create a legacy,
here's all that you need to avail a Boarding School Loan with Auxilo!
Minimum student
Unaided/Recognized by State or Central Education Board
Strong operational income and committed management
Good repayment track of existing loans (if any)

Loan Process

At Auxilo, we believe in aspirants and their aspirations. In that effort, we strive to make our education institution loan processes easy, transparent and hassle-free. Here’s a step by step process of how you could be on your way to creating a powerful legacy!


Reach out to us for a detailed loan assessment. Submit the documents and processing fee cheque.


Auxilo will carry out a detailed technical, legal and financial due diligence of your proposed project.


Auxilo will make you an in-principle financing offer, tailor-made for your specific requirements.


Your loan gets disbursed and you embark on the road to legacy!

Our Products

Infrastructure Loans

We at Auxilo pride ourselves on being specialized in the field of education loans & school loans and are eager to help fund your requirements which involve the upgradation and expansion of your educational institution, equipping them for rapid growth as a result.

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Construction Loans

Don’t let financial limitations hold you from constructing, improving, renovating or expanding your educational institution. Know more about our personalized construction loans offered at competitive interest rates.

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Land Loans

At Auxilo, we equip you with the necessary know-how, expertise and the finances to purchase land for institutional purposes. Avail land loans at attractive interest rates and embark on your journey of creating a legacy!

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Loans Refinance

We make refinancing hassle-free and straight-forward with our flexibly structured term loans and repayment plans that suit your institution’s needs. We also provide excellent customer service with competitive interest rates and a lot of other value-added benefits.

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