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Construction Loans

Build a strong foundation with Auxilo Finserve!

Construction Loans

The Aux Factor

India is a country of immense potential. We strongly believe that young students must be provided with the necessary support for their success. Our expertise in the education sector has led us to understand the importance of a stimulating school environment, both internal and external.

A strong and well-furnished school building facilitates growth and development in many ways. A functional school building that eliminates challenges relating to space, light, and acoustics, offers students the opportunities to learn and explore their surroundings with interest and enthusiasm.

We, at Auxilo, understand how important and impactful this vision is and strive to work towards realizing your dream projects with our hassle-free, school-centric construction loans.

Construction Loans



Our purpose lies in supporting you in your journey to create a better India. With Construction Loans, we aim to:

  • 1
    Provide personalized loans to suit your needs relating to construction and expansion.
  • 2
    Provide personalized loans to suit your needs relating to up-gradation and renovation of the existing architecture.
  • 3
    Create spacious buildings, well-ventilated classrooms, upgraded equipment, and innovative teaching aids.


Along with a dream and a thirst to create a legacy, here's all that you need to avail a Construction Loan with Auxilo!

  • 1 Schools recognized by applicable State or Central Governments/recognized boards.
  • 2 Strong operational income and committed management.
  • 3 Good repayment track of existing loans (if any).
  • 4 School should be a minimum of 3 years old.


Here are a few documents you would require to avail of our Construction Loans.
  • KYC documents: Residence Proof, ID Proof, Age Proof, Business Address, Signature Verification
  • Constitution Documents: By-Laws of Society/Trust Deed, Registration Details
  • Financial Documents: Latest 3 years Financials of all Applicants and Guarantors (Audited, if applicable), including ITR, Computation of Income, P&L, Balance Sheet, Annexures, Audit Reports, etc.
  • Last 12 months’ bank statements for the entity from the transactional account & last 6 months’ bank statements for all co-applicants including nonfinancial applicants.
  • Other documents as desired by Auxilo basis specific properties offered as collateral security. Also, additional documents required as desired by lawyers and technical valuation partners empanelled by Auxilo.
  • All documents provided by the applicants must be “self-attested” and the “Originals Seen and Verified”

Our Products

Infrastructure Loans

We at Auxilo pride ourselves on being specialized in the field of education loans & school loans and are eager to help fund your requirements which involve the upgradation and expansion of your educational institution, equipping them for rapid growth as a result.

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Construction Loans

Don’t let financial limitations hold you from constructing, improving, renovating or expanding your educational institution. Know more about our personalized construction loans offered at competitive interest rates.

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Land Loans

At Auxilo, we equip you with the necessary know-how, expertise and the finances to purchase land for institutional purposes. Avail land loans at attractive interest rates and embark on your journey of creating a legacy!

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Loans Refinance

We make refinancing hassle-free and straight-forward with our flexibly structured term loans and repayment plans that suit your institution’s needs. We also provide excellent customer service with competitive interest rates and a lot of other value-added benefits.

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